Regardless of whether you’re an Importer or Agent, if in-house or external brokerage costs are high and time consuming to maintain, SmartClear is your smart option

Why SmartClear?

Australian owned and operated, our network provides clearance capabilities Australia wide.australianmade1

Developed and established by Australian Customs Brokers with a vast knowledge of Importer requirements and Customs regulatory obligations, SmartClear offers a multitude of benefits.

The SmartClear client application and our internal operating system (which interfaces directly via EDI with Australian Customs) has been designed and programmed by us, significantly reducing overheads for external software platforms. System coding is based on latest technologies and our infrastructure is scalable upon demand.

Not only can we pass on the saving to you, it also means we have the flexibility to customise clearance requirements to suit your needs


It’s all part of our company vision….….to help protect Australia’s border in alignment with trade modernisation whilst providing importers and their shipping agents with the most efficient and cost effective mechanism for declaring goods.

The SmartClear business model has been heavily inspired by Australian Customs blueprint for reform 2013-2018.

Common issues arise when utilising various transport providers and their in-house or nominated Customs Brokers. The result can often lead to inconsistencies and lack of uniformity with classification, duties payable and import declaration content in general. Ultimately this can be costly when it comes to compliance breaches or simply your time on dispute resolution.

Regardless of your transport mode or logistics service provider, nominating SmartClear as your import declaration mechanism of choice will ensure consistency and improved compliance – EVERY TIME.
As the industry professionals in Customs related matters, SmartClear ensures you are minimising duty and tax liabilities on each and every import whilst providing valuable advice when needed.

Tariff Classification

Our systems database has been specifically programmed with reference to international trade modernisation.

Customs Compliance

Tariff information along with other crucial clearance instructions or data is always saved and efficiently searchable for future reference. No repeat Broker queries – more time saving for your business !

Importers also have the ability via the SmartClear client application to generate tariff reports specific to their commodities imported.

………did you know?

Section 240 of the Australian Customs Act requires the owner of goods to retain import documents for a minimum period of 5 years.

Consider SmartClear your private filing system with fail-safe retention in the cloud at no extra cost – always have instant access to your import records, payments and tariff information in one location – ONLINE 24/7.

All your tariff classification and declaration history are determined and maintained by professional Licensed Brokers and recorded for uniformity and consistency on all your future imports.

In fact, each SmartClear licensed Broker holds in excess of 15 years industry experience and is stringently employed from the industries finest.

Locum ?

……..forget about it. Save time and money on expensive agency recruitment, temps and training.

If your Broker/s are inundated or simply need a break, why not SmartClear your overflow. Think of us as your own personal in-house Broker !!

Anywhere, anytime, the SmartClear Client application allows you access to your records and check the clearance status via any web browser, simply login.


Contact Us to find out how SmartClear can help improve your business process.